Bags and Suitcases for every need

The Editor in Chief of Mediterranean Cosmos Magazine, Nasia Papadopoulou, presents the accessories we need both for our daily life and for our travels!


A backpack will be very useful and easy to use! With many cases and extra spaces, you will wear it both in your morning meetings and on your walk after work! A strong color for this year, as we have said in a previous video, is burgundy, whenever it’s time to dare it in your bag, which will be great with a total black look!


For those of you who are a businessman, you can choose either a modern briefcase or a backpack with a special case for your laptop!


For your travels, you can stimulate your eco-friendly consciousness and move around proudly with a suitcase made from recycled materials. But also with a vintage suitcase, or colored for extra vitality! We do not forget to choose an umbrella for the rainy days, which are still late to end!


Those of you who are fans of cycling, look for the backpack with the built-in light, so that they can see you! Very nice gadget!


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