Kids’ bathing suits: How to choose the right one?

Whether its cannon-balls or playing in the sand, kids are always on the go! Trips to the beach are children’s favorite summer activity and the right choice of bathing suit will allow your little “dolphins” to enjoy it to the full! So what should we pay attention to when choosing a swim suit for our children?

Comfort first

The material of the bathing suit is the major factor that defines how comfortable it is. Nylon and polyester make for soft and elastic fabrics, ideal for the vigorous activity of children at the beach. Also, many brands make bathing suits from eco-conscious materials, friendly both to children’s sensitive skin and to the environment.

Bathing suits for infants

The top priority in choosing bathing suits infants is how easy it will be to change them. Nappy-suits are an excellent solution, as they are seamless where they touch the baby’s skin and protect your baby from moisture. Opt for a bikini or monokini if you have a baby girl and elastic boxer or Bermuda type bathing shorts for baby boys, which are easy to change.

Bathing suits with sun protection

You can also find bathing suits which offer sun protection, equal to that provided by sunscreen. Bathing suits or sets with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) protect from both UVA and UVB radiation and are ideal for protecting children’s sensitive skin from the damaging effects of exposure to the sun.

Beware the straps

Straps and thin or tight-fitting bands may create redness or rashes on children’s sensitive skin. Especially in girls’ bathing suits, it is very important that the straps are adjustable. Also, the straps must not be very thin, because they will cut into children’s skin.

Below we have drawn up a list of 20 top-quality and stylish children’s bathing suits from Mediterranean Cosmos’ shops, which will satisfy your little swimmers’ every need!

Flower bikini Orbit Violet (1-9 ετών), Adidas

Μαγιό για κορίτσι σετ 2 τμχ. Disney Minnie Mouse UPF40+ (12 μηνών-3 ετών), Alouette

Shorts μαγιό Greece I love you της Sun of a Beach (2-10 ετών), Attica

Μαγιό βερμούδα για αγόρια (6-14 ετών), Bdtk

Shorts μαγιό Nike 4″ Volley (6-16 ετών), Cosmos Sport

Βρεφικό ολόσωμο μαγιό για αγόρια (6-24 μηνών), Dpam

Σετ παραλίας για αγόρι με UV protection (1-8 ετών), Energiers

Σετ κολύμβησης για κορίτσι Vacay Vibes με UPF50 (1-9 ετών), H&M

Shorts μαγιό quick-dry με badge print (4-16 ετών), Lacoste

Ολόσωμο μαγιό Billieblush (2-12 ετών), Lapin House

Μπικίνι με χαβανέζικο εμπριμέ (5-14 ετών), Mango

Ολόσωμο μαγιό με λεοπάρ print (6-14 ετών), Marks & Spencer

Μπικίνι με tropical print (8-18 ετών), Mayoral

Μαγιό πάνα με καβουράκια για αγόρι (3-24 μηνών), Prenatal

Πουά bikini bottom (2-6 ετών), Sfera

Boxer μαγιό με τύπωμα λογότυπο στο πίσω μέρος (9 μηνών-14 ετών), United Colors of Benetton

Boardshorts Checker Fade (8-14 ετών), Vans

Μαγιό καρουδάκι από ανάγλυφο ύφασμα (1-5 ετών), Zara

Μπικίνι California Friends της Roxy (8-14 ετών), Intersport