The establishment of regulations and of a legal framework regarding the use of cookies constitutes an evolving effort. The formation of these rules is considered something really new either at a Greek or at a European level. For this exact reason, we feel the obligation to clearly and sincerely inform the users of on the policy we follow with respect to cookies.

Our website uses cookies for the amelioration of your experience, for its possibly best operation, the appropriate browsing and connection to its pages. Cookies allow you to enjoy certain possibilities, as well as to accept advertisements in accordance with your interests (either in our website or in others).  In addition to that, they help us understand the way you use the website.

 What are cookies?

Cookies are small files in text format that are stored in each user’s hard drive and do not get informed on any document or file in your computer. They are used for the accommodation of user access to certain services and/or website pages for statistical purposes and in order to define areas that are not useful or popular.

How may I control cookies via browser?

Apart from the selections regarding cookies, as they are available in our website, you may control and manage cookies through the settings of the web browser you use.

The acceptance of all cookies (usually pre-set), the existence of a notice for the use of cookies and the prohibition of their use are among the choices you have (according to the browser).

In order to manage and deactivate cookies, you should follow the relevant guidelines depending on your browser:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome