3 - 19 October 2019

A different … Wild West revives in the Mediterranean Cosmos from October 3rd to October 19th, and invites us to “taste” a different world … full of Indians, sheriffs and cowboys.

The Mediterranean Cosmos event program is packed with many creative workshops where kids and adults will make Indian horses and tents, hats with real wings, bracelets and pendants, sheriff stars and – of course – the absolute must-have cowboy accessories!

The wonderful trip to the Wild West will be completed with 2 unique theatrical performances:

“The most boisterous cowboy in the Wild West”
How does the slowest and most cowardly cowboy survive in the difficult and dangerous world of the Wild West? With imagination, humor and love for cows and flowers. A standout show with interactive games, funny contests, amazing balloon games, jigsaws, music and of course dance.

“The Cowboy and the Indian do not mix together”
Do they? In our case, and after a lot of controversy, skirmishes and bumps, a Cowboy and an Indian have reconciled and taught the great values ​​of love, brotherhood and friendship.

Experience the ultimate Wild West experience in the ultimate fun destination!

Workshop Program:
From 03/10 to 19/10

  • Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 17:30 – 20:30
  • Saturday 12:00 – 19:00

Theatrical Performance Program:

“The most boisterous cowboy in the Wild West”

  • Friday 4/10, at 19:00
  • Saturday 12/10, at 13:00
  • Friday 18/10, at 19:00

“The mountain with the mountain does not mix”

  • Saturday 5/10, at 13:00
  • Friday 11/10, at 19:00
  • Saturday 19/10, at 13:00

Entrance to all activities is free.