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From October 5th to November 7th, Mediterranean Cosmos, the ultimate destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in the city, welcomes the most “wild company” and invites you to discover the impressive world of dinosaurs!

Giant dinosaurs that ruled the earth during the Mesozoic century come to Mediterranean Cosmos to travel us tens of millions of years back in time.

Visitors of all ages will have the opportunity to enjoy the huge and beloved dinosaurs that with impressive movements, colors, textures and imposing sounds will lead us to their footsteps.

The Brachiosaurus that enjoys its meal in its natural environment, the “captive” Velosiraptor, the imposing Triceratops and the flying Pterosaur are some of the dinosaurs that you will meet in the mall.

Of course, one of the worst carnivores, the most famous dinosaur that lived on our back, the colossal prehistoric predator Tyrannosaurus Rex, could not be absent from the dinosaurs’ company!!

From October 5th to November 7th, the dinosaurs “COME ALIVE“… safely in Mediterranean Cosmos!