Let’s talk lingerie trends!

What are the top lingerie trends for spring and summer and how will you give a special style to your inner world?


Do you spend a lot of time and energy to create impressive outfits, but you fail to give the relevant importance to the choice of your underwear? This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, because a qualitative and stylish lingerie set automatically boosts your confidence.


Especially in spring and summer, when the temperatures rise and the fabrics of the clothes are airier, lingeries deserve a leading role in your every appearance. As reflected in the new collections, the lingerie trends of 2022 focus on comfort and retro lines. The color palette includes from nude shades to impressive tones of yellow, purple and red, while romantic floral motifs always remain in-fashion. In men’s underwear collections we see a trend towards tropic prints, with lingerie brands investing in high quality fabrics.


Look for your favourite underwear in the stores of Mediterranean Cosmos and let your inner world speak!


Article by Eleni Michailidou

Διχτυωτό καλσόν, Calzedonia

Μπόξερ CK ONE, Calvin Klein

Bralette της Love Stories, Elegance

Σουτιέν χωρίς επένδυση με μπανέλα Isabelle, Hunkemoller

Σουτιέν push-up Fabiola και σλιπ brazilian Bloom & Blossom, Intimissimi

Μποξεράκι από βαμβάκι Supima® με λάστιχο και ξεθωριασμένη όψη (σετ 3 τμχ), Intimissimi Uomo

Σλιπ Kaney, MED

Σετ 7 σλιπ brazilian PANTONE™ από πολυαμίδιο, Oysho

Bralette Zero Lace 2.0 Longline, Sloggi

Bralette με λογότυπο σε αντίθεση και στρινγκ με λογότυπο, Tommy Hilfiger

Σουτιέν Amourette Charm Pure με ελαφριά ενίσχυση, Triumph

Ανδρική φανέλα με κοντό μανίκι και V λαιμόκοψη από Micromodal, Underwear