Luxurius lingerie reimagined!

All women flip through magazines and surf the internet, looking for our next outfit, which will faithfully follow the modern fashion trends. But how many do we do the same for our underwear? We’re going to take a thorough look at our inner world through this year’s Lingerie trends!

Article by Eleni Michailidou

In colors we trust!

We will always love classic black or white lingerie, but this winter we have the opportunity to embrace our body with lingerie in imperial emerald gens, deep shades of blue and striking tones of purple!





Retro chic!

Retro lingerie references have a way of giving a romantic tone to our inner world. Bralette are the ultimate protagonists of this winter, as well as lace, which always make us feel sexy. In fact, it’s the best choice if we choose a top or blouse with transparency!





Comfort, comfort, comfort!

In addition to beauty, comfort is in absolute desire for the largest lingerie houses. Innovative fabrics and lines that embrace the body discreetly and lightly, are inventively combined, to feel free in our underwear. The perfect choice to get out of everyday life!

Calvin Klein

Marks & Spencer

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