Nutrition & fitness overload!

Summer is approaching and you are wondering how you will conquer your fitness goals? The right equipment and the right food choices will help you achieve your goal!


Although this winter seems endless, we have all begun to timidly think about the brightest and hottest days of summer. At the same time, we are thinking about how to prepare our body for its exposure on the beaches. Spring is always the period when most of us set our nutritional and fitness goals. To achieve them, however, we need appropriate equipment for our training and careful choices for our nutrition. Fortunately, with a walk in the shops of Mediterranean Cosmos, we discover them all!


Article by Eleni Michailidou

Σετ λάστιχα αντίστασης (3pack), Bdtk

Ανδρικές κοντές αθλητικές κάλτσες με μοτίβο, Calzedonia

Ανδρικά αθλητικά Project Rock 4 της Under Armour, Cosmos Sport #urban

Vegan κάψουλες Korean Ginseng Root Extract της Solgar, The Drugstore

Στρώμα για yoga ή pilates Fitness Mat της Energetics, Intersport

Επικαλαμίδες ποδοσφαίρου Nike Mercurial Lite CR7, Nike

Μπάρα χαρούπι, αμύγδαλο, κράνμπερι Sthenos της Zeo Bakers, Original Greek

Κάψουλες μαγνησίου Magnesium Premium 5, Power of Nature Platinum Range της Power Health, Pharmacy in Cosmos

Skateboard Red Dragon Palm Beach Complete 7.5 Inch. Tiffany, Zero Gravity

Σοκολατάκια υγείας Geneva με στέβια, Εν Καρπώ