Back to the office in style

Back to the office in style

Autumn brings an air of renewal and that's why the wish list is ready. The first task is to refresh your office style. Comfortable and elegant office outfits, which will help you set new goals!

The quiet luxury trend is one of this year's favorites. Office clothing is the easy way to adopt it. The striped blue and white Sandro shirt from attica is one of the most wanted items of the period and matches perfectly with a bold color statement blazer, like the one you'll find in Toi & Moi store.

The classic black dress is one of the most basic items on your office clothes list. If you love total minimal looks, choose an airy pleated dress from Rodanos store, that matches with everything. On the other hand, if you want a more bold and playful piece, choose the girly dress from Bo1125 Boutique, that you can wear with this fall’s it - shoe, the ballerinas.

Bring boho vibes to your office clothes too! Choose lightweight kimonos and vests, suitable for the transitional period. If you like a straight line look, choose a knitted vest with graphic black and white print by Mat. However, if you prefer a fresher and effortless look, at Parabita store you will find a kimono with natural print. To make your look more suitable for the office, wear an earthy tones vest, like the one you will find at BSB store. For a bohemian inspired outfit, you can also choose a dye jumpsuit from Regalinas!

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