Create a chic and bold men’s outfit

Create a chic and bold men’s outfit

Men usually maintain a casual and low-key style as they often find it difficult to move outside their "comfort zone". Based on relevant research, there are people who wish to experiment with their image, or purchase a signature piece of clothing that they find difficult to combine. Fashion is one of the greatest forms of self-expression, so if you want to show the uniqueness of your character you may start dress accordingly.

Sometimes bold prints can scare you as you may find them difficult to match. It's time to reconsider, as for example the black shirt with gold signature Versace print from attica department stores, can be perfectly combined with black denim pants and sneakers. Additionally, another special product that lies in the casual wear category is the dark blue sleeveless vest Teddy - Intimissimi Uomo store. Anything that looks like fur may make you skeptical, however it can be easily worn with knitted sweater and corduroy trousers in a similar shade.


Black shirt with gold signature print, Versace

Not Available
Intimissimi Uomo

Dark Blue Sleeveless Teddy Vest

Not Available

If, on the other hand, you prefer to build a more classic elegant ensemble, choose the crisscross wool suit in herringbone by Aristoteli Bitsiani, and combine it with a classic light blue shirt with a city collar from the Oxford Company store. For a genuine gentleman's look, you can include the Meinstertuck Blue Laquer cufflinks by Mont Blanc that you will find at Tempus Jewellery. Clearly, a good men's watch like the Mille Miglia GT Racing Edition by Chopard from Oro Vildiridis will complete your look.

Aristoteli Bitsiani

Brown woolen crisscross suit on herringbone

Not Available
Oxford Company

Blue shirt with City collar

Not Available

Finally, if you identify with the casual elegant look, you can choose a white shirt or an off-white thin cotton sweater and combine it with the brown jacket with integrated vest by Navy & Green. Depending on your mood, you can wear a dark denim or a beige fabric trousers and add the brown suede loafers by Giovanni Morelli from Tsakiris Mallas for a chic outfit with an Italian finesse.

Navy & Green

Brown jacket with built-in vest

Not Available
Tsakiris Mallas

Men's brown suede loafer, Giovanni Morelli

Not Available

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