Festive make up for the ultimate holidays' stars!

Festive make up for the ultimate holidays' stars!

The countdown to the most glamorous nights of the year has begun! Choose a glamorous make up and emerge as the absolute stars of Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Before you start applying your festive make up, make sure you've properly taken care of your skin. At Kiko Milano store you will find the New Bright Lift serum, with a silky, slightly iridescent texture, which will brighten your complexion and reduce signs of fatigue.

Kiko Milano

Bright Lift serum

Not Available

Next step, the application of a foundation that will give your complexion a touch of glow. Preferably choose one that will ensure a long life for your makeup, like the Extra dimension Skinfinish highlighting with a creamy texture from MAC Cosmetics! For rose gold touches, we recommend the liquid glow highlighter from Dust + Cream, which offers a bright and uniform effect, keeping the skin hydrated. To give your base a matte effect and renew your make-up easily and quickly, choose the Tea tree face base powder from The Body Shop, which comes in 40 different shades and offers natural matte coverage.


Rose-gold highlighter Extra Dimension

Not Available

Liquid flash highlighter

Not Available
The Body Shop

Tea Tree face base

Not Available

The success of your festive make-up lays to an impressive eye make up! The Starlight Dreams Eyeshadow Palette from attica department stores praises brown and pink shades. Emphasize on the glitter effect by choosing the eyeshadow palette from H&M and create colorful eye looks with The Future is Yours gradient colors palette from Sephora collection. Finally, create dramatic eye looks with the Epic Ink Liner eyeliner Christmas edition from Nyx Cosmetics, and rest assured that no one will be able to take their eyes off your face!


Starlight Dreams eyeshadows, Laura Mercier

Not Available

Palette with eyeshadows

Not Available

Color palette the future is your Gradient

Not Available
NYX Professional MakeUp

Eye pencil Fa. La. La. La. Land Holiday Gift

Not Available

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