In adolescence, girls begin to discover their personal style, get inspired by their peers and acquire their own role models that usually come from the entertainment industry. They also start to take more care of their image and have the need to be in style. For the above reasons, it may be difficult for you to find the right gift for young girls, but the solution to this puzzle lies in the following suggestions.

The basic style that all teenagers adopt is athleisure, because it is the number one fashion trend at this age, and at the same time serves them in creating their all-day looks. As an overcoat, they usually prefer puffer jackets in special shades because they tend to give them a sense of uniqueness. Therefore, the brown Foundry puffer jacket by Vans is a great addition to their wardrobe. Moreover, sweaters are another product that is warmly supported by the teenage audience, so the grey oversized sweatshirt with green letters - Tally Weijl - combines beautifully with the above coat.


Brown puffer jacket Foundry

Not Available
Tally Weijl

Grey oversized sweatshirt with green letters

Not Available

Following the creation of the teen spirit look, the image can be completed with trousers in the same shade as the sweatshirt, to maintain the color balance. A comfortable and cool choice is the grey tracksuit pants with Bodytalk logo, which can be combined with black sneakers with white sole from Adam's Shoes brand – Sandy.s.


Grey tracksuit pants with logo

Not Available

Women's black sneakers, Adam's Shoes

Not Available

The accessories that accompany the teenage outfit are equally important. Since kids spend a lot of time listening to music and discovering new songs at this age, Apple's grey Aripods Max – iStorm – are a great addition to the overall picture. Also, beauty products and especially lip gloss in light shades are used extensively by teenage girls and always have space in their bag from morning to the afternoon walks. Therefore, Kiko Milano's pink moisturizing 3D lip gloss will catch their attention...

Finally, jewelry is also part of the teen spirit look and young girls pay a lot of attention to them, as they wish to have something special. Which girl wouldn't want to own Pandora's Game of Thrones House Sigil bracelet, and combine it on her wrist with Swatch's white Golden Rings watch – Tempus Watches...

Kiko Milano

Pink 3D Hydra Lipgloss

Not Available

Bracelet Game of Thrones House Sigil

Not Available
Tempus Watches

Golden Rings White watch, Swatch

Not Available

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