3+1 Ways to incorporate cargo trend into your style

3+1 Ways to incorporate cargo trend into your style

This is a fashion trend that is being dynamically revived by Y2K. Key elements of the so-called "Cargo Trend" are the many pockets on the garments, as well as the relatively earthy shades. Do you know how to choose the key items of this trend to compose a neo-cargo look according to your needs?

Cargo Essentials 101 

The most basic item to adopt the trend of the season is pants! Cargo pants are adopted by every age, regardless of style and color! Grey is one of the most prevalent colours of the season, it is suggested to invest in either light grey cargo pants - ZARA - or the dark grey high-waisted cargo pants - Tally Weijl - if you prefer narrower lines.

The practical boilersuit 

 Jumpsuits reminiscent of a work uniform are also part of the cargo aesthetic. It is therefore worth investing in the green jumpsuit with a zipper - Regalinas –. Going back in time to the 90's, it girls of the time used to wear boyfriend-style lingerie through them - as bras. Add the white fabric bra Gio from MED inside the jumpsuit.


Green jumpsuit with zipper

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The traveler’s aesthetic 

 The cargo look is an ideal outfit for your trip! Choose the beige mutlipocket shorts - Bershka and combine it with a bodysuit in a bright shade. Finally, complete your image with the white chunky sneakers of Buffalo -SneakersTown that are fashionable and convenient for your walks. And you are all set to travel!

The romantic souls 

Finally, for the most sophisticated fashionistas who want to make a difference, we recommend the cargo trend in its most romantic version! Combine the green denim vest - BSB store - with the beige midi cargo skirt - Stradivarius. Complete your look with a pair of white or black leather mary janes. 

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