Outdoor toys for endless fun

Outdoor toys for endless fun

Sun, joy and unstoppable mood to play! Enjoy the last month of spring close to nature and give your little ones unique moments of fun with these wonderful outdoor toys!

Let the game begin

If children's toys had their own kingdom, then the ball would stand proudly on its throne! A single Star Tiger ball – Comfuzio – is enough to give any child many hours of play, as it stars in countless outdoor team games. For the younger children, who cannot be occupied alone or in the company of their friends, you can choose the wooden hoop game from Little Dutch – Flexa – or the interactive activity book "Look and find a bunch of animals" from Metaichmio publications – Public – that will transform playing in nature into an unforgettable educational experience.

For little... easy riders

Is there a single child that doesn't love bike rides? The Kinderkraft 4TRIKE pedal tricycle – Prénatal – is ideal for young children as it transforms into a push bike and a mini balance bike, helping to perfect their motor skills and balance. Electric vehicles for children have also become equally popular in recent years. For the “born to be wild” easy riders, the electric Honda NPT – Moustakas – will make the walks in nature simply unforgettable.

The essentials

Before starting their adventures with their new toys, your children will need some essentials which will offer them not only comfort of movement, but also protection. An excursion to nature cannot begin without a pair of comfortable sneakers from Skechers – SneakersTown – or without sunscreen BARIÉSUN Dry Mist SPF50+ – The Drugstore – which will protect the sensitive kid's skin from harmful sunrays. Finally, since playing in nature usually means muddy shoes, give yourself the gift of the Coccine Nano Shampoo foam shoe cleaner – Pi & Fi – to get rid of the mess with cleaning quickly and effortlessly!

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