Tasty options for the most delicious fasting

Tasty options for the most delicious fasting

Who said fasting can't be delicious? Indulge in the fasting options below and meet your nutritional needs in the tastiest way!

Fasting and satisfying

So, if you are looking for a hearty fasting main meal, visit Falafel and enjoy a portion of soy fillets, accompanied by Arabic pita, onion, fries, fattoush salad and mustard sauce. For pasta lovers, Hot Pot offers Spring Penne with tomatoes, olives, peppers, oregano and red sauce.

Fasting on-the-go

Equally enjoyable are the on-the-go options you will find in the Mediterranean Cosmos food court. Everest offers a fasting chickpea falafel sandwich by chef Vassilis Kallides – panini with Garden Gourmet chickpea falafel, tomato, hummus, red cabbage, carrot and green olive paste. If you have a soft spot for seafood, at Goody's Burger House you 'll find the delicious Calamari Burger - calamari, cucumber, lettuce and vegan aioli sauce on a fluffy bun. From their menu you can also choose the fasting salad with noodles and vegetables – red pepper, fresh mushrooms, corn, spring onion, sesame and soy sauce with honey.

Innocent sweet delights

Do you have a sweet tooth and can't say “no” to your cravings even during fasting? The delicious chocolate pie with dark chocolate and walnuts – Paradosiako – the fasting cake with chocolate and orange – Plaisir – the vegan tsoureki with beetroot and orange – Terkenlis – and the fasting watermelon or mango ice cream – Fregio – are just some of the innocent sweets’ options available to you!

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