Anna Maria Mazaraki – New Season! New Stacks!

Summer is saying goodbye to us and we are preparing for the new year! With September just coming, we suggest the most chic jewelry to refresh your style!

Anna Maria Mazaraki is here to suggest the most timeless jewelry to accompany your outfits!

Give yourself or your loved ones gorgeous jewelry in silver with pink or yellow gold plating, metal and gold K9, K14, K18. Colored enamel necklaces and bracelets for a funky effect, minimal gold or gold plated rings, hammered earrings or colored enamel make up a different air to your look! Of course, our favorite watches in necklaces and bracelets are our favorite timeless jewelry but rosewood with precious stones are our first choice! Also, do not forget the gold jewelery K9, K14, K18 such as bracelets with rosettes, zirconia and single stone.

Enjoyment, joy, smile, fashion, colors, designs, style.

This is what jewelry means to us. Anna Maria Mazaraki started designing jewelry in 1995 for her girlfriends, for all those women who want to renew their style continuously. From the outset, the vision of the company was for everyone to enjoy the uniqueness of the jewelry without the hassle and stress of price. Affordable luxury inspires us and makes us in the mood.