Anna Maria Mazaraki presents the most unique jewelry for Valentine’s day

Anna Maria Mazaraki’s team is here for you who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with special jewels that are distinguished by the most romantic mood!

In the new collection you will find necklaces with semi-precious stones, distinctive earrings with zircon or pearls and wristbands bracelets that nicely decorate each wrist! Also in this collection you will find the company’s trademark, handmade tassels earrings, as well as rings with red enamel. Particular pieces for the lovers’ special day!

The jewelry is designed and manufactured in the workshops of the company in Athens from unique materials such as gold plated silver 925 °, pink or yellow gold K9 and K14, semi-precious stones and zircon crystals.

Visit the Anna Maria Mazaraki store at Mediterranean Cosmos and find the next gift for your beloved ones in their favorite style.