Calzedonia FW2019

Calzedonia selects from the classic men’s wardrobe items for a flawless jacquard style. Designs for leggings and tights range from classic plaid and pied-de-coq to Scottish plaid and V’s of chevron, stripes and tartan (presented in pop colors).

You can shine like a diamond. Shine and stand out with your own light thanks to the sparkling textures of the Calzedonia Collection: Gold, bronze, pink and silver, are the shades presented in various textures such as glossy lining, metallic prints, lamina and translucent shades of multi color rainbow, mirror effects, glitter and futuristic elements.

Logo mania: Most in fashion looks require top to bottom monograms. The brand new ‘CLZ‘ logo with its brand name is here! Another distinctive pattern is the logo print ” Calzedonia ” that runs all over the surface of the pantyhose. Finally, those looking for romantic designs will be covered with Shakespeare’s poetic micro tulle designs.