Are you a car lover?

Do you want to travel back in time and enjoy classic historic cars up close?

From September 10th, we are waiting for you at Mediterranean Cosmos, the ultimate destination for shopping and entertainment in the city.

From September 10th until September 30th, Mediterranean Cosmos will be filled with historic cars and invites you to enjoy your autumn shopping and travel back to the unique world of automotive through a magnificent vintage exhibition of collectible cars from the global automotive industry.

Mall visitors will have the opportunity to admire a Porsche 911 Carrera of 1969, a Caterham of 1988, Rolls Royce of 1983, a Studebaker Hawk of 1958 and many more legendary models waiting to impress you with their aesthetics and engineering!

From 10th to 30th of September we “press the accelerator” in shopping and entertainment and we are waiting for you!