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The 5 Star Store is a new outfitting concept launched by Notos com. The philosophy behind the new customer-friendly store boils down to an effort to provide top-rate service and an exciting product in an attractive, positive and personal environment. A store that will make you feel at home.


The store’s name describes its high quality, elegant shopping environment and excellent service, rating no less than 5 stars. Newly opened at the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall in Thessaloniki, the 5 Star Store carries an extensive collection of world-class brands, including POLO RALPH LAUREN, BARBOUR & LA MARTINA, arranged around the 80m2 boutique, creating a one-stop shopping destination for men.



Since 1967, Ralph Lauren has defined the essence of American style. Striking a balance between “timeless” and “modern”, Ralph Lauren creates collections that express a unique sense of personal style inspired by the rich visual imagery that surrounds him: the rustic beauty of the American West, the golden age of Hollywood glamour, design innovation and authenticity. After more than forty years, Ralph Lauren continues to be the ultimate Fashion Legend. The shop carries the complete Blue Label line for men.




The British brand Barbour provides Thessalonians with the opportunity to acquire their favourite clothes and accessories. Backed by long British tradition, mastery, skill and infallible style, Barbour’s collection pays homage to attention to detail, with clothes designed for the modern man who appreciates the reason and meaning behind a garment’s hidden details.




La Martina is a legendary Argentinean manufacturer of sports clothing. To be precise, the company actually started out as a manufacturer of polo equipment, which it successfully continues to do, and only later created what has become one of the most desirable and recognizable sportswear and casualwear collections.

The La Martina logo depicts two Polo players on horseback and its official motto is: ‘La Martina: Tradición de Polo Argentino’. Every La Martina product is carefully designed, manufactured and tested in such a way as to assure first-class quality and perfect fit.