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Adidas is a world leader in the sportswear industry, with brands born out of a love for sports and the athletic lifestyle. The Adidas store at Mediterranean Cosmos carries the Performance collections, with sports-oriented designs intended to improve any athlete’s performance, and the Adidas Originals collections, customer-oriented designs driven by a constant desire to improve its products’ fashion look and feel!


Passion for sports.


From stadium bleachers to arenas all over the world and from catwalks to concert halls, Adidas has been a giant in the sports and leisurewear industry for over 80 years and has had a significant influence on the development of athletic products. For Adidas, sports are a passion, a lifestyle and a means of expression and the same is true for millions of people across the planet. The company’s vision is to remain the top sportswear company in the world while giving people opportunities to improve their lives through their passion for sports! For years, Adidas has been spearheading technological developments in every sport. Working closely with athletes and clubs, it aims at studying and understanding their requirements in order to create unique award-winning products. Historically, since 1928, when the company’s founder, Adi Dassler, first began to manufacture shoes, the company has always been guided by a passion for sports.