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The abundance of the natural resources, the boundless simplicity of the Greek colors, the shapes of the landscape of my homeland have always been to the core of the conception and the creation of our collections.


We are attached to the Greek tradition and the symbols arising therefrom. Talismans such as coins, crosses, or the evil eye, which is also the trademark of our brand, are featured in most of our pieces. Thus, by creating jewels we also contribute to preserving and protecting the Greek tradition while giving it a modern twist.


More than just fashion accessories, jewelry symbolizes connections and marks important events of our lives. It embraces the feeling of well-being, femininity, and elegance.


Our mission is to create jewelry of the highest quality that remain accessible to all women. Jewelry that celebrates the uniqueness and individualism of each one of us”.


With 25 stores in Greece and Cyprus, today Anna Maria Mazarakis’s team is composed of 90 women. 90 unique, dynamic and extraordinary women, that work together to create an inclusive universe where every woman can find the jewelry of her dreams.