Zone Red
Level 1
2310 489270

Attrattivo’s casual chic style is addressed to women who attach the same importance to their clothes, their books and their music. Their choices are never haphazard. The clothes they love are conscious statements, wordlessly describing their character and personality. An Attrattivo girl loves the cutting edge of fashion but is also unafraid to bring out her feminine, romantic side, although always retaining a dose of dynamism. She is the girl who will lift her long, floral skirt to play football, the woman who will look even more beautiful wearing a military-style outfit and a pair of flats. Trends are her weakness. She follows them, knows them and usually keeps up with them, while always imprinting her own individual style on them. Attrattivo’s goal is to steadily expand its ever-growing sales network while always remaining faithful to its character and the archetypal woman it expresses.