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Modern jewellery collections, with youthful designs, the latest styles and an ever-new look. Creations made of 925 silver and 14Κ and 18K gold with precious and semi-precious stones and fine diamonds. Inspired designs by Thalia Exarchou and other international designers.



Thalia Exarchou has been active in the jewellery business for 30 years now. With great care and particular attention, she selects the precious stones which she later creates into unique, handcrafted pieces that are nothing less than works of art, with the skill, passion and quality that characterize all aspects of her life. What distinguishes her work and underlies her designs is the timelessness of her jewellery, the uniqueness of each object, the classic Hellenic form in a modern interpretation. Another feature of her jewellery is the importance of detail in the crafting of each piece, so that you see is the perfect finish, the flawless rendering of the initial idea and the ideal implementation, from whatever angle you look at them.



Our jewellery is distinguished for its originality of design, high quality and flawless finish. Made from 18K gold, 925° silver, fine diamonds and precious gems, Li LA LO jewellery will enhance any woman’s look, accompany her all day long, and can match the style of even the most demanding customer. Our talented Greek designers create the most beautiful handmade collections for you.


Gavello fashion house presents the new dynamic Unisex brand created by Rinaldo & Elisabetta Gavello. VERY GAVELLO jewellery, characterized by its flawless design, simplicity, elegance and rock attitude, is aimed at those who recognize the uniqueness & luxury of expressing style through a personal aesthetic with creations that are accessible to all. The creations of the Very Gavello brand are made of 9K gold, essenza and silver.