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2XM HELLAS, the brand’s representative in Greece, is opening its new store at the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall and awaits all loyal Crocs fans to come and check out its new collections.

Crocs – The footwear that changed the world!

Crocs’ enormous success is grounded on its pioneering Croslite™ material, which is so light you hardly feel you are wearing anything at all.

Croslite™ is a closed-cell resinous material which is neither plastic nor rubber. It is an exceptionally absorbent material for maximum shock absorption. Its closed-cell properties mean that apart from being odor resistant it stops the development of bacteria and fungus and is non-toxic. This versatile material can be worn next to the skin and be washed with only soap and water.

Although Crocs became world-famous for its classic Clog, it has developed an extensive collection and follows the latest trends while always maintaining the same light design. Crocs also offers a wide range of closed footwear, boots and children’s shoes.