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Welcome to our world. A world full of passion, dreams and creativity.


DOCA celebrates its 25th birthday this year. Twenty-five years of amazing goals that have been reached one by one, from the time the brand was first launched, until DOCA accessories became a leading fashion brand in Greece with the introduction of its Total Look.


We believe that fashion is the art of personal expression and a way to make people’s lives more interesting and a lot more beautiful. That is why we want fashion to be easy and accessible, always and for everyone.


For us at DOCA, real life provides the inspiration. Real women who are modern and active,  who like to play and experiment with fashion and who are looking for ways to express their own personal style. With modern woman as their muse, our designers create two complete Total Look collections a year, covering every aspect of a woman’s appearance, from bags and shoes to clothes and accessories.

At DOCA you will discover a world full of style, ideas, solutions and an incredible variety of bags, clothes, shoes and accessories. At DOCA shops, customers can see all the new products from our latest collections and discover ideas that can refresh and update every look.


Doca counts 30 Shops and Corners in Greece and abroad with new ones being added all the time around the world.


Fashion never grows old. It only gets younger. And so does DOCA!


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