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And the dream continues…


Founded in Denmark in 1972, today FLEXA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of children’s furniture.


We are driven by a major concern of all parents: how to create the right conditions for our children to grow up in a safe, functional and creative environment.


The FLEXA store at Mediterranean Cosmos carries our full product range. We are eager to welcome you and tell you about the possibilities provided by FLEXA beds, the origin and quality of the materials we use, the guarantees we provide, and the many different options we have for your children’s room. Bring us the dimensions of your child’s room and together we can create the ideal environment via our unique FLEXA 3D design software. And since children grow up so very fast, don’t hesitate to bring them along, so that they carry out the first crash test and give us their opinions.


FLEXA is ready to welcome you!