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Hunkemöller BIO

Hunkemöller is the No 1 lingerie manufacturer in Europe.


We are passionate about lingerie and we always strive to be at the core of developments in the fashion world. We are in direct contact with our customers, providing them with targeted service and sexy products in a fun and inspirational environment. We guarantee that when shopping at Hunkemöller you will receive World Class Service. We want our customers to feel their most beautiful selves.


What we offer

You are sure to love Hunkemöller’s enormous variety in fashion & basic lingerie in all sizes. Its in-house design team carefully researches both fashion trends and the perfect fit. You are sure to be impressed by the Private Collection’s finesse and the Noir Collection’s aesthetic and to fall under the spell of the HKMX sportswear collection. Naturally, such a store could not fail to have cozy accessories and beauty products as well.


Why Hunkemöller

Hunkemöller stores are known across the world for the first-class service and unique fitting experience they provide. As ambassadors of ‘Sexy comes in all shapes’, the perfect fit is very important to us. We are here to help you discover the perfect set of lingerie for you. Our stores will help you discover the perfect shape and fit for you and once that is done, all that remains is to choose the collection you like most.