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In January 2021, ΚΙΚΟ Milano, Italy’s top cosmetic brand, opened a new store in Thessaloniki, on the 2nd floor of the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall.


In case KIKO Milano is still just a name to you, let us tell you a bit about them.


The brand was founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group in Milan, the world’s art, fashion and design capital. The prestige of the “Made In Italy” label and the high quality of its products soon made it a leader and game changer in the cosmetic industry.


Be what you want to be! … is how ΚΙΚΟ Milano describes its concept of beauty.


Choose the cosmetics that suit you from more than 1000 available products, depending on your lifestyle, skin type and particular needs at any given time in your life.


KIKO Milano product lines cover a wide range of cosmetics, including make-up and face and nail care, as well as a wide range of accessories and professional brushes. The name is synonymous with constant innovation, superb texture, safety, variety and effectiveness – at affordable prices. The company complies with all European standards and its products – 75% of which are produced in Italy and 99% in Europe – are cruelty free.


Shopping at KIKO is a lot more than a simple quest for cosmetics– it is a true aesthetic experience. Designed by architect Kengo Kuma, KIKO’s complex and sophisticated stores offer consumers a sense of freedom, well-being, satisfaction and pleasure. KIKO Milano stores are designed on principles of sustainability, with materials that maximize energy performance.