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In a welcoming ambience reminiscent of a genuine Italian trattoria, La Pasteria’s multi-award-winning chef Ettore Botrini uses the purest and freshest primary ingredients to create authentic Italian dishes. Pasta for any mood and preference, salads and antipasti in original combinations, original meat and fish dishes, traditional risottos and the tastiest thin-crust pizza wait to introduce visitors to Italian cuisine in its most authentic interpretation!


Accompany your food with our unique cocktails and favourite wine labels at La Pasteria’s impressive bar! Finally, our new restaurant at Mediterranean Cosmos has a corner with traditional Italian products to take home, such as special pasta, rice for authentic risottos, rare Italian wines, truffle-based products, unique sauces made to creative recipes and other special items!


The restaurant also offers 3 complete but affordable fixed-price menus featuring La Pasteria favourites: Menu Classico (12€), Menu Speciale (15€) and Menu Esclusivo (18€).


La Pasteria is a reference point on Thessaloniki’s culinary scene: for a meal after shopping or before a movie, for professional or personal meetings, romantic dinners and family outings, our new restaurant offers interesting selections at affordable prices.