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In 2005 MARK AaLEN opened a new store at the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall in Thessaloniki. Spread over 200m2, the new store has a sunglass and eyeglass department, a state-of-the-art contact lens application department, a manufacture and maintenance laboratory and a special children’s department.


The MARK AaLEN store at Mediterranean Cosmos very soon acquired a reputation for select products and expert staff. The store was embraced by the public and rapidly gained ground, providing the Mark Aalen chain with more successes and, even more importantly, loyal friends.


Since 1992, when MARK Aalen – the largest chain of optic stores in Greece – was founded, its philosophy has been based on the fundamental and non-negotiable principle of building relationships of trust and friendship with its customers. Today MARK AaLEN numbers a total of 20 points of sale.