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Quality, style and constant development!


The leading Greek menswear company presents its new summer collection.


NAVY & GREEN is one of the most recognized companies in the Greek menswear industry today.

What are the factors that have led NAVY & GREEN to win over the demanding Greek public and become such a success? Attention to detail, investment in quality and the elegance of its clothes and accessories, not to mention its competitive prices. The company has never deviated from its principles and has invested in the values which have driven it straight to the top.


Besides the above, NAVY & GREEN has also invested in international collaborations and a dynamic corporate strategy which have also been keys to its success. Fashion is constantly evolving, and Navy & Green evolves with it, offering its fans ideal options for sporty, casual and business looks.


With new stores in Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Hania and Cyprus and a strong presence in all major shopping malls and department stores in Greece, NAVY & GREEN’s value for money policy is the best possible proof that continuous effort provides visible results and prospects for yet further growth. The company is constantly developing its network in order to serve its customers’ requirements across Greece, offering its products and new collections at ever more stores, outlets and sales points.