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The company’s primary aim is to always be at its customers’ side and to develop tailor-made solutions with special focus on quality, service and promptness.

Speed & Flexibility

We provide our customers with speedy flexible service and prompt delivery of our products, which has earned us their preference and trust.

Services Provided

Women’s, Men’s, Sports & Children’s Footwear Repairs

Replace anti-slip heels/studs (noiseless) • Replace non-skid rubber soles • Replace rubber heel pad • Color Alteration • Steadying heels • Gluing • Stitching • Lining change • Insole replacement • Whole heel replacement • Widening • Narrowing • Sandal strap replacement • Zipper replacement • Shine – Polish • Disinfection • Waterproofing • Color preservation • Alterations: Toe Rounding, lifting, and more.

Repairs – Mending

Mending women’s bags • Bag repairs (change of lining, handles, buckles, studs, fasteners/clasps, leather, and more) • Wallet repairs • Suitcase repairs (Wheels, zippers, handles) • Men’s and women’s belt repairs • Changes of buttons on jeans (pants, jackets, etc.) • Cleaning of suede footwear & bags • Protective leather heel insert • Repairs & Mending of sports bags and school bags, and more.

Cutting Keys

Copying of all types of Keys & Immobilizers

Etchings – Stamps – VINYL Stickers

Laser precision engraving for indoor & outdoor inscriptions/doorplates for houses, street, industrial & corporate applications. All types of stamps, wood, mechanical, self-inking, rubber templates, consumables, with the option to install graphics (your logo). Stickers for application on cars, illuminated signs, shop window decorations, floor graphics, sales graphics, simple graphics, printing of contour cut graphics, printing on oilcloth, paper (post paper), one way vision, sandblasting (with printing option).

Graphic Design Applications & Printing

Our experienced creative department can help you design your own maquette or advertisement and fully cover all your typographical projects. Corporate identity design (Business cards– Multipanels – Business stationary – Envelopes and more). Company logo design – Photomontage – Flyers – Catalogues – Magazines – Newspapers and more. Small and wide circulation and digital & offset printing.