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  • Fashion: A highly sophisticated collection that promotes the ultimate feminine look.
  • Urban: For those who love comfort but never want to go out of fashion.
  • Casual: Geared towards our younger customers the collection offers a wide range of designs for them to choose from and renew their wardrobe with the hottest new styles.
  • Confidential: Two collections make up our lingerie/underwear line – one is sensuous and chic and the other playful and comfortable.
  • Accessories: For those who wish to complete their style with special accessories and footwear for every occasion.



  • Fashion: Dedicated to a refined and trendy style, with 2 different lines, one classic and the other inspired by the latest fashion trends.
  • Urban: A wide selection of everyday clothes for those who love comfort.
  • Casual: For our younger customers, Sfera recommends a more whimsical collection with the trendiest fashion designs.
  • Underwear: Sfera’s underwear and homewear collection for men in comfortable and practical cotton.
  • Accessories: A wide range of men’s accessories for all hours of the day.



  • Sfera kids: Comfortable clothes in many colors and patterns, specially designed for our little friends.

Sfera babies (3 months-2 years): Comfort, practicality and quality combined with low prices make this line ideal for your baby’s first years.