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The leading sportswear store is located at the heart of the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall and offers the ultimate athletic experience. It is an ultra-modern sports apparel and equipment store, ready to welcome all shopping mall visitors.


The new 151m2 Under Armour Brand House at the Mediterranean Cosmos mall is the label’s second store in Thessaloniki. Try out state-of-the-art sports equipment by a brand that continues to bring innovation to sports apparel and shoes that are the first choice for athletes and clubs around the world. Water-repellent clothes for all temperatures and shoes with innovative technologies are only some of the products you can find in this Under Armour store.


The new UA Collection is now available at the Mediterranean Cosmos Brand House and includes lifestyle sportswear and specialized award-winning equipment for all types of sports. The new store is divided into men’s, women’s and children’s sections, signed for each separate sport.


Now everyone can improve their performance in their favourite sport or hobby with a single visit to Under Armour’s Brand House at Mediterranean Cosmos.


It all began in 1996, when Kevin Plank, the former leader of the University of Maryland’s football team, noticed that the cotton t-shirts he wore always got wet and heavy with sweat. He was inspired to try and create a technologically advanced t-shirt which would embrace the body without absorbing moisture. A sports T-shirt that works with the body to regulate its temperature and improve performance. Under Armour has now grown to global prominence as pioneer in technical sports apparel, footwear and accessories, specially designed to keep athletes cool, dry and comfortable during games or practices.


The technology behind a large variety of UA’s products for men, women and children may be complex, but the reason for enjoying their benefits is simple enough: the HeatGear® series is ideal for extreme heat and the ColdGear® series for extreme cold, while the AllSeasonGear® is meant for intermediate temperatures as it easily adapts to weather conditions.



To make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.