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Providing attractive and responsible fashion and improving customer experience are Zara’s priorities‎.

‎Zara’s story begins with the opening of our first store in the Spanish seaside town of A Coruña in 1975, an early milestone in our company’s long history. Over the years, Zara has remained faithful to its core values, expressed simply in the same four keywords that define all our stores and online platforms: ‎‎beauty‎‎, ‎‎clarity‎‎, ‎‎functionality ‎‎and sustainability‎‎.‎


‎Nurturing a very close relationship with its customers, Zara’s designers respond instinctively to their changing needs, reacting to the latest trends and constant feedback across its Woman, Man and Kids collections, to offer new ideas in the right place and at the right time. ‎


‎Further enhancing the quality of our customer service, Zara stores also include Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID), using cutting-edge systems to track the location of garments instantly and making those most in demand rapidly available to customers.


‎Zara’s ‎‎Join Life‎‎ ‎collection and eco stores are two examples that underline the brand’s unwavering focus‎‎ on sustainability and improved customer experience. These developments have been further enriched by a series of new and innovative projects, such as the installation of clothing recycling containers in stores and a scheme providing for free collection of used garments at home to complement the delivery of online orders.‎