Summer mood on with 20 maxi floral dresses you will adore

They are airy, romantic, and feminine and can be worn all day long. Maxi floral dresses are this summer’s absolute must-haves!

There are many reasons why a maxi floral dress rightfully deserves a place in your wardrobe. It is extremely feminine, easy to wear, cool and super comfortable especially during the hottest summer days, as it doesn’t cling to your body. This iconic piece, which has never stopped being in fashion since the 60s, is a safe choice that ensures that your summer look is always stylish.

However, a successful floral look has one unbreakable rule: don’t overdo it. Choose a single floral print and style it with accessories and shoes that tie in with the shade of the floral print on your dress. Combining different floral patterns on your dress and accessories is a definite no-go.

The choices in floral prints seem endless! From large bright flowers in bold colors to sophisticated and romantic Monet-style prints, the variety of floral patterns is truly infinite. All you have to do is choose the one that expresses you best among the innumerable choices offered to you by the shops at Mediterranean Cosmos!

Shopping tip: Style your maxi floral dress with flat sandals for your morning looks or high platforms for a stylish evening-out look.

Maxi floral σεμιζιέ φόρεμα, Access Fashion

Maxi floral αμάνικο φόρεμα Jacquard Nereida, Axel

Maxi floral φόρεμα με έναν ώμο Togetherland, BSB

Λινό maxi φόρεμα με floral print, Guess

Έξωμο floral φόρεμα, H&M

Maxi floral κρουαζέ φόρεμα με τιράντες, Julia & More

Maxi floral φόρεμα Pepe Jeans, Kanellopoulos Fashion

Maxi floral φόρεμα, Lynne

Ριχτό φόρεμα με λουλουδάτο σχέδιο, Mango

Maxi floral φόρεμα με στρώσεις, Marks & Spencer

Maxi floral φόρεμα με τιράντες, Massimo Dutti

Αμάνικο φόρεμα εμπριμέ φλοράλ, Mat Fashion

Maxi floral φόρεμα με κέντημα στο V, Parabita

Maxi floral φόρεμα, Regalinas

Maxi floral φόρεμα, Sfera

Maxi floral shirt dress, Sisley

Floral φόρεμα, Tommy Hilfiger

Maxi floral φόρεμα, United Colors of Benetton

Maxi floral φόρεμα, Zara

Maxi floral φόρεμα, Zini