The power of prints!

Fun, playful and elegant prints, imprinted on dresses, that will dress the beautiful moments of summer in the most special way!


The power of prints is undeniable and can give character and personality to your every look. From romantic floral patterns in pale shades to bold and dynamic designs in bright colors, prints are the best way to capture your personality in your outfits. Summer dresses embrace the timeless trend of prints in countless versions -mini, maxi or with cut-outs. All you have to do is choose the one that expresses you from the stores of Mediterranean Cosmos!


Article by Eleni Michailidou

Φόρεμα σετ εμπριμέ με σφηκοφωλιά, ALE

Μίνι εμπριμέ φόρεμα, BSB

Φόρεμα τύπωμα μπαρόκ, Mango

Εμπριμέ σεμιζιέ φόρεμα, Parabita

Κοντό φόρεμα με λάστιχα στη μέση, Pull & Bear

Εμπριμέ φόρεμα με άνοιγμα, Regalinas

Φόρεμα με all-over print, Replay

Κοντό φόρεμα Bridgerton με ντεκολτέ καρδιά, Stradivarius

Maxi floral φόρεμα, Tally Weijl

Δίχρωμο maxi φόρεμα Magic Rainbow, Tassos Mitropoulos