Meat lovers unite! These are the most delicious meat dishes

Meat lovers unite! These are the most delicious meat dishes

Whether you're a beef or pork lover, in the Mediterranean Cosmos you'll find the most mouth-watering meat dishes!

For original meat lovers

Meat is a food rich in protein, filling and highly enjoyable, which can satisfy any taste requirement. If you are a fan of traditional meat dishes, you only have to visit Ladi & Rigani, to taste a portion of pork pancetta, fresh fried potatoes and seasonal salad, or LEMARGO, where you will be served milk pork steaks with a delicious mustard sauce and a fresh green salad with parmesan and cherry tomatoes. For the lovers of meat cuts, Evans offers a mouth-watering Flat iron tagliata with pesto sauce and baby potatoes, which you can accompany with a salad of cherry tomatoes, feta mousse and olives.

Street food choices

In addition to main dishes, meat also features in many street food options, from burgers and hot dogs to pizzas. At Café Brulée you will find Mini Beef Burgers, 100% ground beef burgers on fluffy butter brioche with tartar sauce, bacon, cheddar and caramelized onions, served with fries. Gyros Proedrikos brings the Greek version of the burger with the Gyros Burger, which also comes with fries. For hot dog fans, the ultimate destination is Hot Dog King, where you should definitely try the American Cowboy – beef sausage with mustard sauce, cabbage-carrot and caramelized onions on a fluffy baguette. On the other hand, if pizza is your absolute taste obsession, then visit Domino's Pizza and enjoy Pepperoni Classic, a pizza with 100% mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni... extra mozzarella and extra pepperoni!

A sweet delight

Since every meat meal must end with a... sweet bite, the destination is Fregio and awaits with delicious milk chocolate or white chocolate brownies and pistachio and bubble gum ice cream balls! Ready to meet for meat?

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