Travel Outfits: The key items to travel with comfort!

Travel Outfits: The key items to travel with comfort!

It’s not so much about the destination, as to travel with comfort at your journey! In deciding the right travel outfit for your trip, what matters most is the way you will reach your summer destination. Discover the on-the-go items you need for a trip by plane, boat or car, always keeping in mind comfort and practicality!

Airplane – Gate Open!

The most direct way to get to your destination is usually by plane. You probably have your own little hacks for such a trip, but do you combine practicality with style? For a comfortable flight with a high-fashion aura, choose the blue striped T-shirt with Polo Bear print by Polo Ralph Lauren – Cosmos Sport #urban. Comfortable pants and a pair of summer sneakers are equally important, but the secret to long trips is the printed mini travel pillow with world map from Legami – Tricks & Treats.

Ferry – Sail Away!

Are you planning island hopping and don't know what to wear on board, whether you're sitting in the lounge or on deck while enjoying the view? When traveling by ferry, you should prefer maxi dresses to avoid the cold in the cabin and the wind outside. Therefore, Sisley's yellow maxi pleated dress is an excellent and playful choice! You can combine it with the blue Stomp slippers – Crocs – for an updated image with comfort as the main pillar.

Car – Long Drives!

Finally, if you are a road trip enthusiast then you know that as a co-driver you must wear practical and simple clothes, without fringes and other elements that may unconsciously hinder the driver. Move towards safer options that structure an all-time-classic outfit! Choose the denim elastic shorts – Parabita – and combine them with a tank top and the silver sandals with glitter by Zaxy – Pantofleria. If there's a chance to get into the driver's seat, don't forget that you must have within easy reach a pair of sneakers!

Summer travel essentials

No matter the way you choose to travel, the main accessories you should invest in are a stylish pair of sunglasses, as well as a durable and convenient suitcase! The pink sunglasses Medusa Medallion by Versace – GrandOptical – combine excellent quality lenses with modern aesthetics in design. If you are looking for an easy-to-carry and resistant suitcase, then the Lite-Box grey aluminum case – Samsonite – is a great choice!

Happy holidays!

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