Ice cream baby and let's start counting cones and scoops!

Ice cream baby and let's start counting cones and scoops!

Cones, scoops or cakes? Whichever version you prefer, ice cream will always be the favorite sweet treat of summer! Are you ready to start counting?

Scoops of pleasure

A scoop of ice cream can always cheer us up! Its velvety, creamy texture, the endless variety of flavors that can cover every taste craving and, of course, its coolness rightly rank ice cream at the top of summer's sweet delights list. In addition, the endless options in toppings – from syrup and cookie crumbs to fresh fruit and nuts – can “transform” your favorite ice cream flavor. At Evans you will find ice cream in a variety of different flavors including chocolate, strawberry and pistachio, served with fresh strawberries and pistachios. Equally delightful are Plaisir's ice creams, where you can try pistachio ice cream, strawberry ice cream and cookie ice cream scoops servied with strawberry syrup. A cool suggestion, which may take you back to your childhood, is the chocolate machine ice cream, which you will find in Stories.

Fruity delight

If you are an ice cream lover but you also have a soft spot for fruit, fruit flavored ice creams are definitely at the top of your preferences. So visit Fregio and indulge into a mango and forest fruit flavored ice cream or a white chocolate and truffle cone. Terkenlis pastry shop offers you a special ice cream flavor, with fig and cookies.

Ice cream all the time

Who said you can only enjoy ice cream in a cone or scoop? Ice creams can also give their coolness to favorite summer drinks, such as an iced Freddoccino – Everest – or a delicious vanilla milkshake with chocolate syrup – To Xryso. Of course, the beloved summer treat deserves to star in your festivities! Give your birthday the sweetest taste by choosing a praline ice cream cake, with a delicious layer of milk chocolate parfait ice cream, chocolate sponge cake and milk chocolate decoration – Hatzifotiou. Ice ice baby!

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